MESS Method—move, evolve, shake, sculpt—is a total body conditioning workout that uniquely incorporates elements of pilates, barre, functional training, cardio, and dance.


Amber Hirsch MESS Method

Amber Hirsch was days from opening her Hoboken-based fitness studio, MESS Method, when the country shut down due to Covid-19. Quickly pivoting, she developed virtual studio offerings, which required a more robust digital presence.

She embarked on a rebrand to ensure her online storefront matched the quality of experience she provided. Working with Mighty Within for design, the team brought us on to clarify the founders' message and infuse the soul of the operation in its brand.


We aimed to describe the meaning behind the name, make the connection between her journey and how she meets clients in their lives, and place greater emphasis on the distinction between her classes and other studios with cult-like followings.

By taking her class and studying competitors in the space, we were able to veer away from overused language in the fitness industry, opting to focus on Amber’s dance and functional training background and how she designs each class specifically for women’s bodies.


Launching their brand digitally allowed MESS to bring the studio feeling to the screen. Perservering through Covid restrictions, MESS steadily grew a loyal following, allowing the team to hire more instructors, successfully introduce recurring income through a membership model, and reach a national market through a blend of in-person and "MESS At Home" classes.

“The new website launched today. I cannot adequately thank you for your contribution. Now I understand why Steph immediately supplied only your name when I asked for a referral for copywriting. Your personal warmth and enthusiasm carried over into the project. I hope we three eventually can meet!” - Ellen Effron, MESS Co-Founder


"Barre-inspired with a little bit of sweat. Full body conditioning with a whole lot of soul. Our classes are well-rounded and designed to hit all the spots. Show up as you are and surprise yourself with how strong you can become."


Erica Courdae helps CEOs take imperfect action as they integrate their values into their brand.

Erica Courdae Case Study

Erica had been growing two businesses and seeking out more public speaking opportunities to grow her thought leadership. While she had a strong message she wanted to convey, she was struggling to capture it concisely.

She wanted to show up authentically — as she asks her clients to do — but wasn’t sure how to share parts of her life and journey that seemed, on the surface, disjointed.

It was important to Erica that she work with someone who could act as a conduit of her message without trying to inform her delivery or content approach.


We began working through Erica’s story, bringing to the forefront things that she didn’t previously see as relevant or important. This allowed her to share personal experiences and funnel them into content she was proud of.

By rooting her message in story, she was able to draw people into her work, which can often feel heavy and intimidating to her target audience. The more she humanized her brand, the more she helped others say, “I get it.”

Erica used her message pillars and updated bios to connect with podcast, conference, and summit hosts, securing dozens of speaking opportunities. With this increased visibility she was able to be more selective with her 1:1 work and partnership requests.


Leading through your values means being explicit about what you stand for and how your actions display that stance. Every person you hire, every business you buy from brings you closer to or further away from your values.


"People underestimate the power of words and the way they connect. You made it feel safe to be all of the things that have made me while making it clear how all parts of my story contribute to who I am today."



Mighty Within is a design house for discerning women ready to ignite their brands.

the need

When you’re an expert it’s nearly impossible to see yourself as others do. Steph Zangeneh Azam of Mighty Within was feeling this acutely when rebranding her own business. While she had the visual side figured out, Steph was having trouble articulating her core message.

Mighty Within had changed over the years and she needed a fresh perspective to help her represent her niche accurately as she continued to evolve and attract more best-fit projects.

the approach

Focusing our time on the homepage and services page, I produced copy that differentiated her skills and style in a highly saturated market.

Over the course of three days I translated her vision into an aspirational and bold message that matches her aesthetic, calling in clients who are serious about investing in a process that rises above trends and cookie-cutter design.


You’ve earned your reputation. You’ve nailed your perspective. You’re on your way to the impact you imagined. And your brand has served you well. But now it’s time to move from fine to refined.


“I was so impressed how well you could translate my jumbled thoughts and write on the fly! Having fresh messaging that represents where I am now is exactly what I needed to push my brand refresh out into the world.”



We Choose Joy encourages life over busy — in work, in life, and in person.

Megan Pollard We Choose Joy family

Megan Pollard and I connected in 2014 when working in the wedding industry. It took five years to meet again; this time life looked much different.

In the years since we had met, Megan had been consulting for various businesses but had not formalized anything. Her personal life had also shifted dramatically after losing her husband on a seemingly regular August morning.

Careful not to publicize her loss as a marketing tactic, she needed someone to help weave her personal story and mission into her messaging.


What was once a family and business mantra grew into a brand that promoted margin for what matters.

I helped Megan explain how her lived experience as a mom, business owner, and widow shaped her worldview and work. With language to explain what the brand stood for she was more easily able to sell and those who needed the services she provided had greater access to her.

Within four months she attracted five clients, was hired for two retainers, and appeared on numerous podcasts.


You’ve been there for every decision, every season of growth. But you’re starting to realize you can no longer trade your health, personal life, and happiness for the hustle. You crave space to think big — to reignite the passion you felt in the early days. This is all possible with what you already have.


“From our first interaction she listened to what I wanted to say and where I was fumbling. She had such a clear vision for the message I was trying to convey. Through Kim’s eyes I was able to see my business with all new clarity in a way I couldn’t have done on my own.”



Fox and Flannel delivers food, spirits, and scent-themed gift boxes that bring people together and elevate the everyday.

Fox and Flannel box

Karalee Serra and Shannon Daley are like most creatives — they’re ideas people. The designer duo spend their days serving large corporations who need marketing and lead generation support.

In 2019, they came to me with an idea for a completely new business — one that revolved around cocktail-scented candles.


We built out a concept for a well-rounded experiential design firm — including handcrafted goods like cocktail candles — that would allow them to gracefully transition from their existing business to the new one without leaving clients behind.

When Covid-19 decimated the live events industry we rebuilt the plan, positioning their direct to consumer brand as “food, spirits, and scent-themed gift boxes.”

In under 6 months they launched their site, developed 5+ products, and fulfilled custom orders for businesses and individuals lining up for their unique products.


Remember that mind-blowing cocktail you enjoyed at the hole-in-the-wall bar as you explored the city? Sunday brunch with your college girlfriends? The smell of cookies baking as you peeled off your snow-drenched jacket? Food and drink have a way of activating memories that stay with us for a lifetime. We’re here for that.


“You really pushed us to articulate and clarify our ideas, goals and vision in a way that we struggled to do on our own. You asked questions that we didn’t realize we needed to ask, and the answers were extremely valuable. That, coupled with your ability to organize, structure and communicate everything that we threw at you was very impressive and crucial in our process.”


Want what they have?